Thursday, January 28, 2010

One week of lectures passed...woohoo

28th January 2010; a non-windy evening:

          Well, well and week of lectures just fly away. Am i sad? Nope, i am really HAPPY!! Although tomorrow is a Friday, we have holiday due to some special events (which i don't quite sure what event is that hahah). One week passed means a week closer to CNY, and i will be back to my sweetie little hometown soon. Well, that feeling is unexplainable. However, i'm doubting something now. Think, think and think even harder on what to do tomorrow. Should i go Ipoh for entertainment? Or should i just staying in my hostel, wondering nothing, sleeping or doing sports? At this moment, i just couldn't decide what to do.

          Erm, i guess right now i will just share what i had been experiencing in my university this week. The 1st day of the new semester is quite busy, especially when my friends and i needed to rush for lab registrations at several places (*keep in mind that those places are not a small distance away o.O). Some minor problems occurred during this time when the slots that we wanted were full, and we had to arrange for another new timetable. This is what i was mad of.  Working busy and crazy to arrange for the timetable during last time, and everything was ruined because of the inefficient work of the technicians, well, that really pissed me off. My old beautiful timetable was now crashed, and the new one didn't appear to be slightly better :(  "Nvm and nvm", that was what i told myself. PATIENCE...

     The following days were quite busy, since i didn't have to attend for labs on the 1st and 2nd week...YEAH!!. Everyday, our class begins at 9am --> which means more time to rest!! Comparing to last semester when we had everyday class started at8am, this sem is quite good. Ya, only good in this particular sense. In other sense, this sem is actually not so okay, since i have 3labs + tutorials to attend weekly. BUSY.
And, even some lecturers are not as good as those from the last semester. Subjects taken are also tougher, and you know that you can't even rely on these "lecturers" again...Tell you guys something ok? Hahah, one of my lecturer (who teach Network Analysis) told us that he don't even care if we understand this course or not. According to his "wise "advise, he said that if we don't know anything, just GOOGLE it. He even said that GOOGLE is a good lecturer. Well, this seems ridiculous to me. And, u know what? He completed 4topics in just a single lecture (so so efficient and PRO) LOL...Haih, tension-nye. Never mind, i will just enjoy the 1st two weeks of this semester and see how things work on later :) Wish me luck, guys  :)

          Even internet connection is slow as usual. Well, i actually care most about this issue. Whenever i wished to online, watching manga and facebooking...i just couldn't do it. Both LAN and wireless connection were set up, but internet just can't be connected. Watching my other friends who managed to online while i can't, this feeling is very hopeless. Complaints have been made but what's the point? Nobody from the Management  Unit came to solve this problem. Inefficient as usual...haih. Well, i will just hang on now and see what will they do in the future. Hopefully everything is settled after CNY, and i will be able to online again. What to do, onlining is now part of my daily activities since the lifestyle here is boring. And, to tell the truth, i'm already in HOLIDAY and CNY mood now!! Hahah...

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